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High Security and Restricted Keyway Locks, What’s the difference and what’s the big deal?

In circumstances where security is of the upmost importance, the level of locks and keys offered to meet this requirement are beyond the typical Home Depot trip. High security in the realm of Locksmiths refers to physical security, difficulty to pick or bypass as well as key control.

Key control refers to ensuring that all keys to a system of locks are accounted for. Many high security locks have patented keyways, meaning the blanks are available only to one entity in the area, and only an authorized person can order duplicates. This prevents unauthorized duplication as the physical key blanks simply don’t exist elsewhere. This means all keys in the system can be numbered and assigned individually, making accountability for lost keys a possibility while also ensuring no duplication unless stipulated through the proper channels.

High Security locks can only be as effective as the weakest link in the facility. There is no lock that is 100 percent effective, the object is to detect and deter, prevent entry and bide time. Locks are always a short term solution in comparison to alarm systems. A truly secure area has multi tiered security, typically meaning excellent locks, a professional alarm setup and cameras to deter and document.

The objective of the high security lock is to make a point of entry an undesirable target. Locks utilizing anti drill plates and anti pick technology that makes experienced locksmiths not even want to try their luck ensure that the locks aren’t an easy method for entry.

Other accessories such as steel wrenching cylinder guards, Latch protectors and the Scotsman Dorgard make the physical aspect a non-issue when paired correctly with the appropriate tiered security.
Customers for this level of security include government and medical facilities, schools, dispensaries, pharmacies, law offices and really any high profile target as far as physical and intellectual assets goes.

JD Locksmith Solutions has been providing high security solutions to Bristol, Plymouth, Norfolk and Barnstable counties for the better part of the past 10 years and can be reached at (508)535-5625

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