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The Right Locksmith

Locksmiths come in a few varieties and not every locksmith provides every type of service. There are emergency, residential, commercial, automotive, industrial, safe and forensic locksmiths. JD Locksmith solutions provides emergency, residential, commercial, automotive and some limited safe and industrial services. When you look up locksmiths in your area you’ll encounter shops, mobile services, locksmith scams and key machines. The latter two should be avoided.

Shops have a brick and mortar location you can visit but often also provide mobile services. Most don’t offer emergency service and stick to daylight hours. They are great for hard to find keys and repairs on things you can physically bring in. The advantage is typically a wealth of equipment and stock as well as avoiding the service fee associated with mobile services.
Mobile services operate out of vans or other service vehicles. They bring the shop to your door so to speak. This type of service is often needed for lost car keys, lockouts, or really any job where the hardware can’t be carried into a storefront. Some mobile services have a limited schedule but others like JD Locksmith Solutions provide 24/7 service. Its important to be aware of who comes out. Always ask any contractor whether they are insured.

Unfortunately there are more scam listings than actual locksmiths in many cities. If you reach a call center when you call a locksmith, you’ve probably reached a scam line. Most of the call centers aren’t located in the USA and they forward the job to a local “contractor”. The call centers typically quote low prices and turn around times, along the lines of 15 minutes and a 35 dollar service fee. When asked for pricing they tend to give numbers followed by and up. The dispatchers don’t have any working knowledge of locksmith related things. The goal of the call center is to get one of the contractors out to you no matter what. The contractors that show up are often unskilled and uninsured, don’t usually have ID or company logo’d clothing, tend not to have matching business cards or marked vehicles. These individuals will show up to a lockout with only a drill and a pair of pliers. They make excuses and the cost of the job usually rises astronomically. Generic names like “insert town name” locksmith are often used. The scam call centers make these websites for every market they find viable. Ways to spot the scam websites include no owner info, generic photos, spelling and grammar errors. Google reviews are often bought to make the listing show up. Avoid at all costs.

In recent years key vending machines have begun to show up as Locksmiths. These are the machines you see at Walmart that copy a key. They operate much like the above scam, although they do require insurance for their contractors. Beyond that there vetting is quite lax. With these companies you pay before the contractor gets there. Often there is confusion between the contractor and the client. These utilize call centers with no locksmith experience as well and usually aren’t the best option. An extremely long list of unresolved complaints can be found online regarding the “locksmith services” provided by these companies. When they don’t have a contractor that will take the job they put out, they give your information to their “qualified partner” which is just another flavor of the above scam. Complaints customers have reported included being told by the customer service representative they’d get one thing while being delivered another. Be wary.

JD Locksmith Solutions is a mobile locksmith company owned and operated By Jacob Diodato and Sean Byron. We are fully insured and have no employee turnover. We can be reached at (508)535-5625 and provide emergency service 24/7. We are a member of the Massachusetts Locksmith Association and attend yearly training to expand our skills. We offer services to the South of Boston community including the entirety of Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Barnstable counties.

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