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Why you should NEVER post photos of your keys on social media!

Buying a new house or business is really exciting. Unfortunately one dangerous trend of new home or business owners is celebrating via a social media picture showcasing their keys. The problem is often these keys have the actual key code stamped on them which is easily made at many stores. Regardless of whether the code is stamped on the keys, sight reading common keys is an easy practice which garners the same Effect.

The first photo is by far the worst, because it literally spells out the key cuts and blank type. The second photo covers the key cuts, but the actual cuts are visible and can be sight read. The third photo protects the key cuts completely but still gives clues to your lock. By far the best way when announcing a new home or business is to not include a key photo, or use a generic photo. Definitely not as personal, but safe nonetheless.

Regardless changing the locks or having them rekeyed is still a good idea to prevent any former owners, contractors with access or other individuals with residual keys from entering.
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